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Meet the Morris family

Meet the Morris family

By Jeff Beck

Eugene and Revae (Hilderbrand) Morris are residents of Bargersville who have given back much to the community. The Morris’s have raised three daughters and one son, all graduates of Center Grove High School. Sadly, son Reggie died as a young man; the daughters continue to live in White River Township near the home they were raised. Revae also graduated from CGHS and is known as an active alumni member attending every alumni celebration since graduation. Eugene graduated from Union High School. Eugene served in the military and was fortunate to travel to our nation’s capital with Indy Honor Flight. Check out indyhonorflight.org for information about a proud group of veterans and volunteers.

There are many memories of Eugene and Revae involved with their church. The Morris’s attended Bluff Creek Christian Church, which is the same church my family attended. Eugene was a Bargersville farmer and one noted in the community as very progressive – he had good equipment and knowledgeable of modern farm techniques. Eugene served on the board of a local insurance agency, Farmers Mutual of Franklin Indiana; in addition, he served on the Bargersville Building of Loan Association.

Friends in need

My wife, Sharon and I lost our home on March 10, 1986 to a category 3 tornado.  Eugene arrived at our destroyed home within hours.  Eugene gave Sharon and I a check for $5,000 to help with expenses. Our friend also found us a home the next day where we could live until the owners returned from Florida. I recall filling out an insurance form regarding items lost in the tornado. One item was for a sofa; we wrote down the value as $500.00. Eugene added a one in front of the five.  The reason, he stated, was because as time goes on we would ask, “what happened to our lamp/drill/shirt,” etc.  Cars lined both sides of our rural road in Bargersville; people helped, encouragement and prayer. Eugene was our insurance agent but more importantly, a friend.

Revae was the Avon lady in our community.  I recall many visits when Revae would stop by our home to talk with Sharon as a friend and offer opportunities to purchase Avon makeup and accessories, followed by a brief description of the products with no sales pressure.  The visits were not long but friendly, enjoyable and most likely, productive. Revae enjoys family events and continues to help her family and enjoy the fellowship. Revae always had a large garden and extra sweet corn that she would happily share with family and friends.

Eugene and Revae Morris are Bargersville residents who have given so much back to their community. (Photo provided by Jeff Beck.)

Honest and fair

The swimming pool was also a draw for family and friends to enjoy.  Revae, being a farm wife, helped Eugene with farm decisions and was the primary record keeper of the farm and insurance. Eugene and Revae are known as an honest, hard-working and fair couple in our community.  The Morris’s named their farm QUAD R, honoring their children. Revae is always a good source of community history. I recall that Revae’s parents, Grace and Don, would allow JD Lorber and myself to walk their woods and play as young boys. Don would place a sign on a gate, sharing that cattle were having calves and that it was best for us not to play in the woods and creek… danger was minimal, but Don was always cautious about our safety.

I’m proud to call the Morris family Christian friends and neighbors. They are parents a little older and part of the senior group of WRT residents while still being active in family and community events. The couple has lived life well and are proud assets to our community.

Jeff Beck is a lifelong Bargersville resident who has a passion for the history of the Center Grove area. He has authored the books, Bargersville and Center Grove: Unveiling the Past.

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