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Locomotive fire at CSX rail yard

At 9:41 p.m. on July 10, the Washington Township Avon Fire Department was dispatched for a train fire in the CSX rail yard.  Upon arrival crews were met with two locomotive engines on fire with a third one in close proximity. The locomotives saddle tanks (fuel tanks) were damaged and the fuel leak was fueling the fire which produced a large amount of black smoke and flames.

The Washington Township Avon Fire Department was assisted by Airport Fire, IFD, Plainfield Fire and Wayne Township Fire.

Once the fire was out, the next issue facing the crews was the hazardous material (diesel fuel and oils).  The crews worked until 3 a.m. isolating and containing the spilled materials.  As of this morning, mitigation companies were on the scene working to clean up the materials and then address any other environmental issues.

No injuries were reported and no evacuation was needed.

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