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Little Free Library along Vandalia Trail reopens after vandalism

By Lindsay Doty

The Little Free Library at the Coatesville trailhead along the Vandalia Trail is back open and restocked with books after two incidents of vandalism in October.

Photo courtesy Hendricks County Parks and Recreation
The post that serves as a tiny community library is located near the trail restrooms. During the incidents, vandals tossed books in the toilet and scattered ripped pages on the ground.
“It was really disappointing,”  said  Eric Ivie,  Assistant Superintendent.  Hendricks County Parks and Recreation.
“One, our restrooms were vandalized. Two, the people of Coatesville have come together and stocked this little library and the books are there
for them to be used, so for that to be vandalized is just disappointing.”
The first incident was reported by a trail user to Hendricks County dispatch. The second was discovered by the maintenance crew. No vandals have been caught and parks leaders hope it won’t happen again.

“Our maintenance crew has just closed the restrooms for the season and winterized them ahead of the below-freezing temperatures predicted to begin later this week. So the books are back, and hopefully they won’t be used for vandalism when the restrooms reopen in early April. Happy reading!” posted Ivie.


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