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Roaring up for a good read

Roaring up for a good read

Greenwood Lions Club organizes a library at Center Grove Estates to promote reading and education

By Nicole Davis

Pat Vehorn reads to Kyla Snyder.

As part of the Lions Club organization’s goal to increase literacy in communities, the Greater Greenwood Lions Club began operating a library from the Center Grove Estates clubhouse in September. The national club has a Reading Action Program, calling Lions clubs to organize service projects and activities to demonstrate the importance of reading. Since the library opened, Greenwood Lions President Pat VeHorn says not only has the number of young participants increased, but their outreach into the community as well.

“It’s something I think really is needed,” VeHorn says. “The kids or parents can always come over. The time that they spend here is organized and getting them ready to start school.”

VeHorn says that whenever she makes a trip to the clubhouse, there are children that see her and want to come to the library, too. She says her goal is to have the library open every evening when school starts so that the children can read, have fun and get extra help with their homework.

The library began with two bookshelves in the corner of a small room and grew to utilize the entire space. They have received donations of bookshelves, books and games and continue to look for additional resources.

“We can always use more but the kids don’t seem to have a problem finding things to read or for us to read for them,” VeHorn says.

She says the club has also worked to help get the children involved in their community, taking them to places like camps or to volunteer at events. The older children can take more of a leadership role in helping the younger children.

“I think it’s great,” says Carolyn Robertson who brings her son and daughter to the library. “It’s given them something to do, the opportunity to read and learn. They love the Lions Club. They just have fun and enjoy it… My son has learned how to look up Bible verses. He loves reading. They like to help out and bring books in.”

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