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Owners of Kidz Depot drop-in childcare in Brownsburg to close after 13 years of caring for H.C. families ‘I need to focus on my health and my family’

Kidz Depot owner Misty Grant read to a group of little ones during storytime Dec. 15 at the childcare located off Northfield Drive in Brownsburg. (Photo provided by Misty Grant)

By Lindsay Doty

The owners of Kidz Depot childcare, located off Northfield Drive in Brownsburg have announced plans to close the drop-in daycare on May 27, the last day of school for Brownsburg Community School Corporation students.  

It was a bittersweet decision for owner Misty Grant. She started the business, known for its friendly staff, drop-in hourly options and to-and-from school bus service, 13 years ago with a dream of helping families with childcare needs.

“My biggest goal was to provide a positive and uplifting service for our community,” said Grant,  who started the business with her husband Matt and the help of two investor friends. In that time, the childcare center has served 3,000 families and made lasting connections with kids and their families.

 “When children came through our doors, we all had the same goal in mind — to keep them safe and make them feel loved as if they were our own.”  

But Grant says it’s time to close. Her health issues, the needs of her children and the impact of the pandemic all led to the decision.

Since reopening in the spring after the stay-at-home order, she says 100 families returned, but it wasn’t enough.

“While we had a number of regular families stick with us through the past 10 months, it just has not been enough to keep pushing forward. It is a struggle to provide regular employment with such ups and downs in a drop in attendance,” said Grant. “I have been dealing with some personal health issues that have been heightened by the stressors related to running a business. It just came to a point where I decided I was at peace with the closure of Kidz Depot because it would allow my focus to be on my health and my family.”

The mother of four says she missed out on a lot with her children because of the business and is looking forward to making up for that time.

Through the years the center has grown. Co-owner and husband, Matt Grant, says he’s proud of what his wife has provided for the community.

“She has provided child care for people in need, people who were visiting loved ones at hospitals, people who were attending funerals, church groups, single moms and parents that were just stressed and needed some time away from the kids. Infants, toddlers, elementary-aged kids, kids with special needs/autism/ behavioral issues, it hasn’t mattered, Misty and her staff have loved and cared for them all.” said Grant or “Mr. Misty” as the kids often called him (he would often help rock babies and drive the Kidz Depot bus).

Misty shared an emotional message with families and staff, letting them know how grateful she has been for their support.

“Thank you for your years of love and continued support. Each and every family that has entered Kidz Depot has been a blessing in my life, and I am forever thankful for you.

She’s not interested in selling the business but hopes the right owner will consider opening a similar drop-in childcare center at the location.

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