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Juvenile dies from injuries suffered in building collapse

By Gus Pearcy

A teenager has died from injuries suffered when a building collapsed during a storm Monday afternoon. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is launching an investigation of the incident that injured four.

Brownsburg Fire Territory public information officer Kevin Byron said local OSHA representatives said they were launching a death investigation. Byron did not have an exact age for the juvenile, but estimated he was 15.

At the time of the collapse, responding firefighters were unsure if he was employed and working for the company that was laying the rafters on the stick structure. A gas station and convenience store was under construction at the intersection of East Northfield Drive and Indiana 267 on the south side of Brownsburg when a Monday afternoon storm destroyed the frame. Byron could not confirm that the injured were on top of the structure placing beams at the time of the collapse at 3:48 p.m.

The juvenile was taken to Riley Hospital for Children. 

Byron said the department is not usually updated on victim conditions and was not sure about the conditions of the other victims. He said the company listed on the property was Singh Construction but said the construction workers injured may have been subcontracted.

Building collapsed as a storm front moved through Brownsburg on July 27. The building was to be a gas station with spaces for additional retailers at the corner of Northfield Drive and State Road 267. Four individuals were injured. A teenager died from injuries. (Photo by Eric Prichett)

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