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JCFiber’s fourth zone to expand into southeastern Johnson County

JCFiber’s fourth zone to expand into southeastern Johnson County

By Jennifer Stewart-Burton,

(317) 738-7642, stewartj@jcremc.com

JCREMC subsidiary JCFiber has announced its fourth zone of fiber internet expansion to underserved areas in JCREMC’s electric service territory.

Zone 4 follows the eastern Johnson County Line and encompasses an area east, southeast, and south of Franklin. Mainline construction is under way, and residents within this zone should be eligible to sign up during the first and second quarter of 2023. Residents will be notified by postcard when they are eligible to sign up.

The expansion is part of a 4-year plan that kicked off in December 2020 to take broadband internet service to residents who don’t currently have true high-speed internet access through another provider.

“We are excited to continue expanding the best available technology to members of our community who don’t currently have access to true high-speed internet,” said John Sturm, JCREMC CEO and JCFiber President. “Fiber-to-the-home can be life-changing for rural residents who have previously struggled to work, learn, stream, and game from home.”

The project’s progress has been spurred on by an April investment of $1 million from Johnson County’s American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Zone 4 Map. (Submitted image)

“Investments from our local officials have played an integral role in helping us keep our momentum on this expansion,” Sturm said. “One of our priorities is affordability. This investment from the county and any future investments or grants will help us complete this expansion and lower our prices as soon as possible, which has always been our goal.”

JCFiber offers a no-gimmick pricing model. Monthly prices are as stated for all consumers, and the company’s only price changes have been reductions that were immediately extended to all customers—not just new sign-ups. JCFiber also participates in the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program. Qualifying consumers can enroll at fcc.gov/affordable-connectivity-program-providers.

The company offers short 12-month contracts as part of a recent update, as well.

Expansion zones 1-3 of are nearing completion. All residents in Zone 1 are eligible to sign up for service. In Zone 2, 90 percent are eligible, and in Zone 3, 40 percent. All residents in zones 2 and 3 will be eligible to sign up by the end of 2022. Households are notified by postcard when service becomes available.

Future zones will be announced in 2023.

See the full-sized expansion map and check sign-up eligibility at jcfiber.com.

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