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‘I’m just watching the wheels go round and round’

‘I’m just watching the wheels go round and round’

By Howard Hubler

I went to college, my parents paid for my undergraduate and I paid for my graduate degrees. Why would I want to pay for anybody else’s college through my taxes? If you think a college education is valuable enough that you will invest your cash, then you should invest your funds and work hard to get good grades. If you are not willing to invest your funds or your parents’ funds, then go to a trade school or just enter the job market at any level you feel qualified for. See, you may not need a college degree. Which frames up the more serious point; if you’re not willing to invest your parents’ money or your money for your future, why should I? To me, that says it all.

I’m going back to the old adage that we’ll be right back where we were before; everybody has free money so nobody is going to come to work. Businesses will suffer because of their inability to hire quality people that really want to work. At the same time we are at a tipping point that all this free money is going to only add to more inflation.

John Lennon wrote a song years ago whereby he was on the sideline watching life go by. He simply said, “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.” That’s how I feel today writing this column. I have been there several months ago. I have seen this movie before. The only variation now is there’s free money but only for college kids. Is there any more naked way to buy somebody’s vote? By the way, with those new IRS people, if Joe’s heart were in the right place all he would have to do is give everybody a $10k or $20k credit against their taxes for their outstanding loans to pay down tuition debt. But no; he wants, I am sure, to put a real check in everybody’s mailbox. Can you only apply that to college debt, or can you buy anything that you choose? Seems a little shaky to me! Yes, I have seen this movie before.


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