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Hendricks County residents misuse at Lizton recycling center, reminded of trash rules

Hendricks County residents misuse at Lizton recycling center, reminded of trash rules

By Lindsay Doty

Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District is reminding residents to follow the rules when it comes to dumping recycling at the district’s 24-hour drop-off centers.

On April 20, the drop-off center in Lizton looked more like a trash heap with cardboard boxes (not broken down), some old poles and full plastic bags piled up outside the designated bins.

“While much of the material outside of the bins is recyclable, this is considered illegal dumping,” the district stated in a Facebook post this week.

District leaders say there has been an increase in recycling drops since the quarantine, and they’re reminding residents to be mindful of the rules.

“Thankfully, our recycling drop-off centers aren’t often abused the way the Lizton center was last weekend. That particular site is our busiest. It took in 765 tons of material last year, so there are challenges there from time to time. The district appreciates those residents that recycle correctly there; following all the rules,” said Lenn Detwiler, executive director of Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District.

The biggest issues are cardboard boxes not broken down and leaving recyclables in garbage bags that should be emptied and taken back home, Detwiler said. People also “wish cycle” putting non-recyclable materials in the bins.

The district operates 24-hour recycling drop-off centers in Lizton, Coatesville, Stilesville and North Salem. Contracted with Ray’s Recycling, they do not generate income for the district. District leaders say continued abuse of the centers can threaten the program.

Residents are encouraged to consider subscribing to curbside recycling service through a private recycling provider. Regulations prohibit the district from locating Recycling Drop-off Centers in geographical locations where curbside recycling is available. Currently, Ray’s Trash Service and Republic Services offer curbside recycling service to much of Hendricks County.



Recycling reminders

  1. Recycling centers are intended for households without curbside recycling available. Subscribe and use that service if possible.

  2. Breakdown cardboard boxes and put inside a bin.

  3. Acceptable recyclables include:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard (broken down)
  • Plastic bottles, jars and jugs that held food, beverage, detergent, shampoo, lotion, etc.
  • Metal and aluminum cans
  • Glass bottles and jars that held food or beverag
  • Gable top and aseptic cartons (such as milk or juice cartons; juice, broth or wine boxes
  • Construction debris, carpet, furniture, tires, Styrofoam, plastic bags, pallets, etc. are not accepted.

For more information about drop centers and programs, click here http://hendrickssolidwaste.com/programs/recycling-drop-off-centers

Photo taken April 20, this photo at the Lizton recycling drop-off center shows piles of bags, boxes and items dumped outside the designated bins, all considered illegal dumping. (Photo provided by Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District)

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