Haunts and Jaunts: Adjusting the cycle

Haunts and Jaunts: Adjusting the cycle

A shot of Rick and Laura during their adventure a few minutes before Laura captured an audio recording.

Talking is vital to any relationship, especially so in a marriage. Communication is key to defining where you both have been and the reflections of such; and inevitably where you both hope to end up. Couples do…well…couple things, experiencing the good and bad together, and hopefully learning a few things in the process. There are couples that have individual hobbies and interests—that’s OK. There are also couples that do pretty much everything together. Laura and I used to hunt ghosts. It was sometimes a 24/7 situation where we, as a couple, discovered strengths (both individually and collaterally), but also a few weaknesses along the journey as well. Then came the discussions between us…

Regarding paranormal investigations, our talks concentrated on the road traveled thus far, and whether it would be the same road going forward. Were we where we wanted (or needed ) to be? Was it time to put on the brakes and develop another hobby? It had to be a couple decisions for it to work!

Over the years we have enjoyed this paranormal road less traveled. We have met some great people who have become close friends. We have had the opportunity to indulge in historical locations which, as a history buff, has resonated with me on a personal level. We have encountered a few locations purportedly haunted that turned out to be only tall tales. However, we have also been to genuine haunted locations that shattered our core beliefs of normal day to day living and of what lay just beneath the surface. During these moments, the “Why” and “How” was never made clear,  so we delved a little deeper. Did we make some inroads towards coming to some scientific explanation for what we experienced? Possibly…but most likely not. The paranormal doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

Laura is on the move at the Triska Opera House in Illinois during an adventure. (Photos by Rick Hinton)

There have been certain locations that have left an imprint upon Laura and I. We may even return for a visit to a few of these, even if it means paying, because in some strange way they have become family; and a piece of a bigger picture:

A former school building in Ohio (Poasttown) with a colorful owner; a former Odd Fellows Lodge in Converse, Indiana that has almost become home base; a former opera house in Illinois where Laura recorded the best Class A audio I have ever heard; a former sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky (Waverly Hills), where I, to this date in my career as a paranormal investigator, have had the most jarring encounters—consisting of a figure in the Death Tunnel, shadowy figures following me on the upper floors, and a doppelganger experience in the hallway of the first floor. As I have stated previously, I don’t pay to investigate, but I could conceivably see myself liberating my wallet of a few bills for Laura just to see the place and experience the historical ramifications.

During our discussions on continuing our supernatural explorations, we realized there comes a time when you need to question what you are possibly dealing with. In fact, THIS was the major topic on the table. Are ghosts and the spiritual afterlife just a flash from the past—a replaying movie—or is something more sinister involved? Could a large degree of deception be at play in ghostly encounters and we’re just buying into it? It’s very possible paranormal investigators are not dealing with what they think they are. Have we been fooled all along? If this is true…it becomes a completely different ballgame entirely.

Something to think about.

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