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Hard to strike out at Brownsburg Bowl

Hard to strike out at Brownsburg Bowl

Brownsburg Bowl was our pick for a winter family fun night. Strikes happened more than any of us expected.

Another unexpected surprise was the DogHouse menu offering more than hot dogs.

Our appetizer was one the DogHouse favorites, jalapeño poppers and a five dollar pitcher of Yuengling. Dinner selections included the chicken club, mini sliders and pizza. The club was a fresh breaded chicken breast, bacon, completely dressed and flavorful. The mini sliders were grilled with onions, topped with pickles with having a similar taste to White Castle. Our pepperoni pizza was so good we understand why patrons order a pizza to go.

Looking forward to spring for the sound of strike with baseball instead of bowling pins!

Brownsburg Bowl DogHouse
18 Whittington Drive
Brownsburg, IN


Kenton Hochstetler, Avon

Where do you like to dine?
“One of our favorite places to dine for date night is the Weber Grill”

What do you like there?
“We look forward to the pretzel rolls with smoked cheddar butter. The aged steaks are delicious. We always save room for the S’mores dessert.”

What do you like about this place?

“The atmosphere is nice for sit down restaurant. The dining area is far enough away from the bar where you do not get the rowdy over flow to enjoy on date night or with the kids.”


Sammy Special
Bartender: Samantha Hedrick

Vanilla Vodka
Watermelon Schapps®️
Sweet & Sour

Alibi Pub
81 N. Washington Street
Danville, IN

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