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Greenwood Mayor Myers announces run for reelection

Greenwood Mayor Myers announces run for reelection

By Nancy Price

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers has announced that he is seeking reelection for a third term.

Myers, a republican, will be challenged by Dale Marmaduke, who has recently announced his run for mayor of Greenwood as a republican as well.

“There are so many projects in the pipeline and going on that are exciting to me and I want to stick around and see them to fruition,” Myers said. “I absolutely love my job.”

One of the biggest projects underway is the renovation of Old Town Greenwood, which is being branded as a new livable, walkable Greenwood that will include condos, townhomes, retail shops and a variety of dining options. As well, Madison Avenue, which has finished with phase one of redevelopment in October of last year, has added a 12-foot wide trail for walkers and bicyclists, two crosswalks and new street lighting.

“We’ve had so many compliments on Madison Avenue,” Myers said. “We’re excited to go along with the next section of it.”

M. Myers. (Submitted photo)

Myers noted the current success of the renovated Greenwood Community Center, which has already brought in well over 120,000 visitors in just last year alone. The center’s attractions include an adult workout center, yoga classes and a two-story play center for children.

“It continues to bring more families and is a catalyst for families,” he said. “It’s a building built for both the young and old and everyone in between.”

In addition to further developments on Main Street and Madison Avenue this coming year, the Greenwood Department of Public Works will be housing all of its equipment in a 50,000 square-foot building, to be located on southeast side of Craig Park. Construction is expected to begin in the spring.

As well, an interceptor sewer, which Myers referred to as “the largest city project ever” at $24.7 million, is just starting its first phase on the west side of Greenwood and parts of Center Grove.

Myers was set to discuss these projects in further detail during the Greenwood State of the City address on Feb. 7.

A 50-year resident of Greenwood, Myers is married to Stacie and has six children: Mark, James, Johnathon, Grace, Matthew and Hope.

The primary election will be held on May 7. Election Day will be Nov. 5.

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