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Greenwood Goddard students raise money for charity

Greenwood Goddard students raise money for charity

Preschoolers at The Goddard Schools, in locations across the greater Indianapolis and surrounding areas, including Greenwood, successfully raised over $6,000 for a charity, Art with a Heart. The students worked together to create items including tote bags, flower pots and furniture.

The Greenwood students worked on furniture pieces and created a variety of items including a plant stand, a small stool, a wall shelf with hooks underneath and a large display tray. After the students created all of their masterpieces, the items were displayed within the school with sheets for people to place bids for the item of their choice. The individual with the highest bid was awarded the item and all of the money collected was added with the other schools’ totals and then donated as one lump sum to Art with a Heart.

The students enjoyed seeing their work on display and the parents loved being able to purchase something created by their child for a good cause.

Students from the Greenwood Goddard School worked on furniture pieces and created a variety of items, including a small stool. (Submitted photo.)

About Art with a Heart: Art with a Heart’s mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual art. Art with a Heart brings interactive visual arts classes into schools, community centers, group homes, shelters, permanent housing facilities, hospitals, and senior housing facilities. Founded in 2000, Art with a Heart has experienced steady growth, from four small classes a week to 14,500 annually, with a proven track record for developing creative initiatives and accessible paths to success for individuals living in Baltimore’s most vulnerable communities.

Art with a Heart provides teachers, assistants, materials and innovative curriculum to engage their vulnerable neighbors in consistent art programming. In addition to its interactive art classes, Art with a Heart has complementary initiatives, including a job program (HeARTworks), service learning opportunities, community service projects, public art efforts, a social enterprise/retail store, HeARTwares, and a leadership program. With art as a vehicle, youth ages 14 and older learn essential job skills in HeARTworks, Art with a Heart’s Workforce Development Program. This program has provided a safe and collaborative work environment for almost 600 young adults since its inception 12 years ago. For more information, please visit artwithaheart.net.

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