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Greenwood class teaches basics of U.S. Constitution

Greenwood class teaches basics of U.S. Constitution

By Nancy Price

For those tired and frustrated with fake news and want to learn how to find the truth, understand their rights and what our founding fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution, an upcoming Greenwood class may be the answer.

Mike Laurenzano, First Vice Chairman of The Indiana Constitution Party, is holding a free class in September based on the book, The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, by Brion McClanahan, PhD. Attendees of the class will learn how the founding generation intended for Americans to interpret and apply the Constitution, how it was designed to protect the rights of states, why Congress was meant to be the dominant branch of government and more.

Nick Frecker, a member of the Indiana Constitution Party and resident of northwest Indianapolis, first began the class in Zionsville in February.

“Nick liked the book so much, he said ‘maybe we should teach it’,” Laurenzano said.

The class will summarize the U.S. Constitution, going over the Preamble, the 7 Articles and the 27 Amendments.

Laurenzano said he hopes that those attending the class will start becoming independent thinkers in an age when news spread over the Internet is taken at face value.

“They need to take (what they hear) and confirm if what they hear is true,” he said. “I want them to be thinkers and realize their responsibility is to question authority.”

Mike Laurenzano, First Vice Chairman of The Indiana Constitution Party, will be holding a class on Sept. 8 in Greenwood based on the book, The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution. (Submitted photo.)

As well, he said he would like to see younger people attend, noting that there have been families with children as young as five who have taken part in the class.

“Their heads are like a sponge,” he said of children that age. “They had some interesting questions.”

Feedback from the first class has been positive, according to Laurenzano. “People get really engaged. People want to talk, they ask questions and they really get involved.”

He also said that some attendees have been so excited after taking the class that they want to join the Indiana Constitution Party.

The Indiana Constitution Party believes in limiting the federal government to its delegated, Constitutional functions. The Indiana chapter believes in fewer restrictions on election candidates, restoring state sovereignty and supporting abortion bans.

The class will be held on Sept. 8 from 9:30 – 11 a.m. at Old National Bank, 4950 E. County Line Road in Greenwood. The Greenwood class will only be held if seven or more people RSVP. Please contact Mike Laurenzano at (317) 201-5889 or email him at ConstitutionPartyIN@gmail.com by Sept. 1 to confirm attendance. The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution can be purchased at the class for $15. There is no charge for the class.

For more information about the Indiana Constitution Party, go to constitutionpartyin.com or Facebook: ConstitutionPartyofIndiana.

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