Google Came To Town

Google Came To Town

Without hopping a plane, you typically can’t meet with Google staff in person. So far, I have encountered G-team members at conferences in NYC, Chicago, and Santa Clara; but on November 10-11, 2017, for the first time ever, Google provided a live workshop here in Indy.

The event titled “Grow With Google” was highly polished, free to the public and included networking opportunities fueled by d’oeuvres and caffeine to heighten your focus in their workshops. All of the sessions delivered basic intro-level overviews of Google’s array of products. For me, the best part was in taking advantage of their valuable hour long one-on-one sessions directly with several of Google’s product specialists looking into my sites and campaigns to offer informed tips and guidance from the inside.

Angle and Rucker at Google conference in Indianapolis
Angle catches up with friend Chris
“Sunshine” Rucker at Google conference

The workshop ran throughout most of the two days. Thinking back to an astute observation I once read about a key difference between business school students at Harvard versus other colleges, when Harvard students go to a networking event, they leave knowing the name and background of each person in the room. With that success trait in mind, I spent most of both days picking the brains of every Google team member, vendor, and attendee I could meet. Interestingly enough, one of the conversations lead to an invitation to participate in one of Google’s new product focus groups.

Beyond the traveling tech troupe with matching shirts emblazoned with the famous colorful logo, it was fun meeting old acquaintances from Indy’s tech circles, plus a former co-worker buddy of mine who adopted an appropriate nickname “Sunshine” Rucker (see photo). Contacts from the past are already priceless, new contacts sparked interesting discussions about joint venture possibilities. Opportunity is everywhere, especially at events people attend in a quest for business opportunities.

If “Grow With Google” comes to Indy again next year, you can bet that the date will be carved into my calendar. Will you be there, too?

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