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Franciscan Health ER Doctor Honored with Healing Hands Award

Franciscan Health ER Doctor Honored with Healing Hands Award

Arthur Stern, MD has been awarded Franciscan Health’s quarterly Healing Hands Award for his commitment to patients and professionalism.

Dr. Stern has practiced emergency medicine at Franciscan Health for 34 years and has been with the Emergency Physicians of Indianapolis (EPI) group since 1991. He was nominated by both a patient and the patient’s family members for his quick response to the patient’s presentation with an aortic dissection. In the nomination, family members wrote:

“Dr. Stern deserves the Healing Hands Award for his compassion, his excellence in care and his skills. We truly believe that if he was not present that day and willing to put in the effort he did advocating for our relative that he would not be with us today. It is nothing short of a miracle that Dr. Stern was the physician taking care of us.”

Dr. Stern attributes much of his success as a physician to the efforts of many capable educators who invested in his life. “I had a lot of great mentors at Southern Illinois (school of medicine),

and I remember from my course in physical diagnosis training how the instructor said to sit down and ensure that patients know you are focused on them and their problems and you aren’t in a hurry to get out of the room.”

He continued to watch and learn once he arrived at Franciscan Health and was particularly influenced by a great generation of Franciscan physicians like Gerald Braverman, MD; Bruce Bender, MD; John Graham Sr., MD; and James Rogge, MD, as well as his EPI colleagues Randall Todd, MD, and Howard Levitin, MD.

Dr. Stern is a graduate of Purdue University and the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He completed his residency training in emergency medicine at Methodist Hospital of Indiana and is a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians.

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