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Eleanor Skillen Public School 34 class of 1966 hosts reunion

Eleanor Skillen Public School 34 class of 1966 hosts reunion

On Sept. 3, the January 1966 eighth-grade graduation class of Eleanor Skillen Public School 34 held a reunion at the home of Frank Knoll of Indianapolis. The event was attended by 11 of the former students:  Rick Gooley, Norman Zaenglein, Frank Knoll, Dennis Esselborn, Vickie Shirley Peters, Peggy Stroud Brown, Michael Brown, Melody Lawless Burns, Marilyn Lindstrom Tucker, Vickie Lewis Smoot, and Christie Jenkins Green. Most still lived locally. However, Norman and his wife flew in from Florida for the get-together.  Many of the folks had not seen one another since high school days.

The original class graduated 39 students with 11 of those able to attend this first-time reunion. Much of the time was spent reminiscing about some of the teachers and special memories of things that happened in school. Pictures of the classes from kindergarten through eighth grade were some of the highlights.  Some of the classmates had spent their entire elementary days attending PS 34.  Marilyn had copies of the grade school newsletter with identification of the “reporters” and “typists” reminding us of the many reunion attendees who contributed to the original production.  A couple also did the mimeograph printing. Marilyn’s scrapbook included other items that brought back many memories for others.

Front row, from left to right: Melody Burns, Marilyn Tucker, Vickie Smoot, Christie Green and Michael Brown. Back row, from left to right: Rick Gooley, Norman Zaenglein, Frank Knoll, Dennis Esselborn, Vickie Peters and Peggy Brown. (Submitted photo)

Based on where PS 34 was situated, Emmerich Manual was the high school most folks attended. Being a “mid-term” class, some of the students pursued different options for their high school plans. Some took the “short” and graduated in 1969, and others completed their high school time in 1970. Copies of the Manual yearbooks from 1966 through 1970 were also available to peruse.

Talks also included what each had done since 1966, what they are doing now and their families.  Discussions for future gatherings are underway with hopes that more of the graduates can attend the next event. The group of graduates has been able to confirm locations of 13 and are continuing to search out the whereabouts of the missing classmates.

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