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Eighth-grade student at Nativity named spelling bee champion

Eighth-grade student at Nativity named spelling bee champion

On Thursday, Jan. 28, the gym in Nativity Catholic School in Franklin Township was the site of a keen competition – the schoolwide spelling bee. Forty students from fourth through eighth grades went head-to-head in a very tough competition! Students competed in their individual homerooms to earn the right to participate in the school’s spelling bee.

Pandemic rules applied to the spelling bee this year. The classes were not able to be in the gym to watch the competition, but we were able to live stream the bee for the very first time. Each of the school’s homerooms were able to watch the bee as well as family members at home and in other states. Students were masked until they were in front of the microphone and then they had the option of removing their mask to spell.

The spelling bee started with a practice round and then the competition began in earnest.  Students competing this year were all excellent spellers – and we went through a couple rounds of losing few students. The words gradually got more difficult, and as that began to happen, a few more students went out in each round.

Finally, the school was down to three students: Nora Wlodarczyk, sixth grade; Leah Miller, seventh; and Grace Daming, eighth. This trio went through a couple rounds where they all spelled their words correctly. Finally, Miss Daming became the champion when she correctly spelled a word in a round after the other two students missed their words. Then Miss Miller and Miss Wlodarczyk competed against each other to determine the runner-up. Miss Wlodarczyk came out of the competition in second place.

Ms. Daming will represent Nativity Catholic School at the District Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all spellers for a great competition!

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