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DNA evidence links suspect to stealing vehicles in Danville

By Lindsay Doty

Terry Dye

An Indianapolis man is facing charges after DNA evidence has linked him to three auto thefts in Danville dating back to 2018.

Investigators say Terry Dye, 24, left DNA evidence behind when he stole a Ford F-25 in late July of  2018.

Thanks to the Danville Metropolitan Police Department’s crime scene investigator, a DNA sample was recovered and submitted to the Indiana State Police Lab.

Investigators say the DNA profile was reported to be a match against one already on file for the suspect from a previous case.

The suspect was then tied to two other auto thefts from around that same time.

“This type of case shows the necessity and importance of having a well-trained Crime Scene Investigator within our Investigations Division,” Interim Danville Chief of Police Jim Hilton said. “Ensuring that any evidence left behind is collected promptly is key in solving these types of crimes. We take pride in the training and work that our Detectives and CSI do, and ensure our citizens that this is just one of many examples of the hard work or agency puts in each day.”

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