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Danville Town Council annexes property tied to controversial development

By Peg McRoy Glover

At its April 7 meeting the Danville Town Council annexed 388 acres, known as the Miles property, located on the north side U.S. 36 and west of Danville. This action came after a series of strong public comments against the annexation during the public comments at the meeting. It passed 4-1 with council president Tom Pado dissenting.

The request to annex the property resulted in a failed motion at the March 17 council meeting. Developer D.R. Horton wants to build a planned unit development, and a group of citizens adamantly against it are challenging the development. The strongest push back is based on the proposed housing density, traffic impact and additional children in the school system.

The council tabled the request to rezone the Miles property after it was annexed. In a 4-1 vote they voted to send the ordinance back to the plan commission. Chris Gearld dissented. The request is to change from a county single-family residential zone to a town planned unit development zone.

Developer D.R. Horton made verbal concessions to the council and plan commission regarding the proposed development. The council is sending this ordinance back to the plan commission to officially document these concessions. Once officially documented, the ordinance can come back for a council vote. The next plan commission meeting that will address this ordinance is May 10.

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