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Danville police officer retires after nearly 40 years

Danville police officer retires after nearly 40 years in law enforcement

By Lindsay Doty

Holding a giant cake with blue lettering and a frosted police emblem, Sgt. Brian Everling with the Danville Metropolitan Police Department had plenty to smile about at his retirement party on Aug. 12.

His fellow officers and community members came out to celebrate his dedication to the force and the town of Danville.

Everling is hanging up his badge full-time after a nearly four-decade-long career in law enforcement.

“I’m most proud of successfully staying continuously employed over 37 years, ” he says with a laugh.

He’s met his goals and it’s time for a new chapter.

Everling isn’t staying away from the station completely.  He will stay on part-time with DMPD when needed, patrolling the streets every now-and-then.

“I enjoy the job but tired of doing it full-time, plus I’m only 55 years old. Not ready for the rocking chair,” he said.

Everling started his career as a military police officer in the U.S Air Force, serving active duty from 1983 to 87. He went on to work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Federal Protective Service and the Indiana School for the Deaf campus police before taking a job with the Danville department in 1991.

 Everling also served as a military police officer for the Indiana National Guard for four years.

“I’m looking forward to spending time doing things I want rather than must do.”

 His advice to the new generation of cops? “Use your head and think before you act.  Don’t take things too personally.  Be safe. You cant help someone else if you’re out of commission.”

Sgt. Brian Everling smiles while holding his giant cake at his retirement party at the Danville Metropolitan Police Department on Aug. 12. (Photo submitted by DMPD)




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