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County schools receive statewide testing results

Compiled by Stephanie Dolan

The Hendricks County ICON has compiled the county’s ILEARN test results including school
corporation averages, along with reactions from those school corporations.

Avon Community School Corporation
Avon Intermediate School East: 55.3%
Avon Intermediate School West: 49.8%
Avon Middle School North: 42.7%
Avon Middle School South: 46.2%
Cedar Elementary: 51.8%
Hickory Elementary: 61.4%
Maple Elementary: 56.5%
Pine Tree Elementary: 56.9%
River Birch Elementary: 52.8%
Sycamore Elementary: 50.8%
White Oak Elementary: 42.4%

“As has happened across the state, the percentage of students passing ILEARN has gone down in
Avon. However, we are pleased that our overall ranking in the state has trended up this year to
32nd place out of 292 traditional public schools.” -Avon Schools superintendent
Maggie Hoernemann

Brownsburg Community School Corporation
Brownsburg East Middle School: 65.2%
Brownsburg West Middle School: 70%
Brown Elementary: 70.7%
Cardinal Elementary: 80.4%
Delaware Trail Elementary: 70.4%
Eagle Elementary: 69.8%
Lincoln Elementary: 79.2%
Reagan Elementary: 73.1%
White Lick Elementary: 74.6%

“We continue to be very proud of our teachers, students, staff and families who work together to
achieve growth and success in the classroom every day.” – Brownsburg Schools superintendent
Jim Snapp

North West Hendricks School Corporation

North Salem Elementary 73.3%
Pittsboro Elementary 54.4%
Tri-West Middle 58.8%

“North West Hendricks School Corporation is pleased with the hard work of its building
principals, teachers, students and families. The rigor and expectations of the ILEARN
assessments were much higher than previous assessments, and the schools at NWHSC responded
well. This school district continues to believe that the ongoing performance ceiling for its
students is high, and each school will continue to strive for continued improvement. That being
said, there is pride in the efforts thus far, and the results to this point are worthy of celebration.” –
North West Hendricks Schools superintendent Michael Springer

Danville Community School Corporation
Danville Middle School: 53.3%
South Elementary: 53.9%

“Given the challenges faced statewide with a new, more challenging, online ILEARN
assessment, we are extremely pleased with our 2018-2019 results. In Danville, we truly believe
great staff, great students, great parents and great communities make a difference. Scores in
Danville Community School Corporation were well above state averages in every grade level
and subject area, placing us in the top 7.1 percent of districts in the state when looking at the
percentage of students that passed both mathematics and English language arts assessments. Our
staff uses professional development time each week to adjust instruction where needed, and they
always work hard to meet the individual needs of each of our students every day. ILEARN is
only one measure among many that our staff uses to learn about the strengths of each student in
our district, and we will continue to utilize these daily formative assessments to drive our
instruction.” -Danville Schools director of academic services Morgan Walker

Mill Creek Community School Corporation
Cascade Middle School: 50.4%
Mill Creek East Elementary: 52.7%
Mill Creek West Elementary: 63.7%

“While our scores were not where we hoped they might be in some areas, we now have clear
data to use for guiding our improvements. We are owning our data and moving forward. As an
adaptive test, students will start where they ended. Our goals are to increase student achievement
and change lives.” -Mill Creek Schools superintendent Jim Diagostino

Plainfield Community School Corporation

Plainfield Middle School: 60.2%
Brentwood Elementary: 62.1%
Central Elementary: 66%
Clarks Creek Elementary: 60.6%
Van Buren Elementary: 69.9%

“We understand and support the logic behind testing. There is no question that we need to hold
students, teachers and administrators accountable for student growth. But if children don’t enjoy
the process, how much will they learn? So, while we take learning very seriously, and we
celebrate successes (including state rankings that consistently reinforce that we are doing a great
job educating the children of Plainfield), we believe that first and foremost, it’s our job to bring
joy to learning.” -Plainfield Schools communications director Sabrina Kapp

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