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‘Comedy for a Cause’ raises money for Southport High School

‘Comedy for a Cause’ raises money for Southport High School

By Grady Michael Gaynor

On Feb. 25, Laugh Tonight Comedy presented “Comedy for a Cause” at Southport High School. “Comedy for a Cause” is a series of shows presented by co-owners Darrin Fishburn and Isaac Daniel. Proceeds from the show were split evenly to benefit Southport’s athletic program and their scholarship fund. With 512 tickets sold, the performance was opened by Samuel Owens, followed by special guest, “The Magic Motivator” Jamahl Keys, and headlined by Drew Thomas. Owens opened the show coming off a recent victory in a clean comedy competition. This was followed by a performance by Keys that blended comedy, magic, and audience participation. Thomas then headlined the laugh filled evening arriving straight from the Indianapolis airport.

Jamahl Keys thrilled audiences with
his performance blending of comedy and magic. (Photo by Grady Michael Gaynor)

When asked how he felt about using his talent for comedy to make a difference in a high school community Thomas explained, “It feels great. I remember high school myself. I didn’t have the outlet to do comedy at that time. I was not allowed to do drama because it was viewed as “extra.” But kids need this; I just spoke with a kid in the drama department. Kids need to see people do something from a non-traditional profession. I saw a comedian come to my school, and that’s what got me started. Maybe that will happen at one of my performances, too.”

Co-owner of Laugh Tonight, Darrin Fishburn, said regarding the evening, “This day and age, people really have to put things on pause on everything else to take time to enjoy something like this. I really appreciate the people of this community for taking the time to participate in a better cause. I love the way we can make people laugh and make a difference at the same time.”

Laugh Tonight Comedy has presented “Comedy for a Cause” to promote fundraising for the homeless, canine, police, military and more. More information can be found at laughtonightcomedy.com.

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