Combining arts with automotive service

Combining arts with automotive service

By Grady Michael Gaynor

Ever wondered about the mural on the Indy Auto Man Service Center at 3130 Madison Ave.?

At the age of 17, Victor Figlin moved with his family from Ukraine. As a young man, Figlin had to grow up quickly acting as an interpreter for his parents. Money was a priority. Figlin’s business partner Eugene Gorin was making more money flipping cars than when he was working his 9-5 job. Figlin became increasingly fascinated with the automobile industry and is now the co-owner of Indy Auto Man Car Dealership at 4031 S East St. As his business thrived and expanded the need arose for a service center. Last summer, Figlin saw an opportunity to combine his passion for cars with another lifelong love: art.

A mural wraps around Indy Auto Man Service Center at 3130 Madison Ave. (Photo by Grady Gaynor)

“After acquiring the building for our service center, I looked at its sizable exterior,” Figlin said. “All I could see was a blank canvas. I wanted to cover it with something beautiful for all to see.”

Employees were asked to vote on designs emblematic of the organization’s core values, including initiative, growth, integrity, transparency and resourcefulness.

Last September, Indy Auto Man and Hue Murals paired together to present the first Indy Arts Fest. Muralist Koda Witsken worked on the mural on the service center itself in a festival that featured seven different mural artists creating graffiti artwork on cars and car parts. Drive by the Indy Auto Man Service Center to see if for yourself.

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