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Coding for Children: Code Ninjas is teaching children to code while taking part in fun and creative activities

Coding for Children: Code Ninjas is teaching children to code while taking part in fun and creative activities

By Jessica Todd

At Code Ninjas, children participate in self-paced activities while learning curriculum to help them in their future career. (Photo courtesy of Josh Grow)

Code Ninjas in Greenwood has opened its doors to open the minds of young children.

The business teaches children ages 5-14 how to code while taking part in fun and creative activities such as creating their own video games. Kids use their everyday interests to guide their path to careers in STEM and other industries. The children get challenged to think critically, solve problems and work within a team.

Josh Grow, the owner of the Greenwood location, has ten years of computer software engineering under his belt.

“I have dabbled in game development and graphical elements for years. I have always had a passion for it,” said Grow.

When he came across an ad for Code Ninjas while scrolling through Facebook, he was immediately interested.

“It sparked my interest because I saw that it teaches children using Unity 3D, which is a game and graphic engine. I began coding
at the age of 22, but if I had these resources as a kid, I would have loved this program,”he explained. “I spent hours with colored
pencils and crayons drawing up new games, but I had no clue what I was doing. This program is for kids like that.”

Grow went to a few board meetings for the program that were open to the public. After attending five or six meetings and asking
questions to feel out how Code Ninjas operates, he knew it was the perfect place for him to wind up.

Code Ninjas opened its Greenwood location at the end of March. The business has run smoothly thus far, and Grow is happy with
the turnout it is has had.

“Our ninjas have wristbands that mimic belt colors you would see in karate. Their wristbands give them access to the facil-
ity and count down their time,” said Grow. “Wristbands mimic the children’s “belt” color. They go in and work on the curriculum at their own pace.”

The average age range that the business has seen is 7-14. The curriculum involves reading and logical thinking, so it generally
does not see kids under seven.

“We always have a sensei walking around and helping the children. We also encourage the older kids who are at a higher level to help the younger ninjas,” explained Grow.

Code Ninjas offers many services to the public. If parents are curious to see how the
facility runs, they can bring their children to a free 30-minute game-building session.

“With our game building sessions, parents have the opportunity to tour the facility while their child works one-on-one with a sensei to make a game,” said Grow.

The business also offers birthday parties, parent’s night out and summer camps. Birthday parties feature a game-building session where students can work on Minecraft, Roblox or scratch applications. Parent’s night out is open to the public and usually takes place for two hours on Friday nights.

“We are excited to offer several types of summer camps this year. Kids can learn how to become a YouTuber, Roblox developer, design modifications with Minecraft or tell stories and make movies with Minecraft,” said Grow. “Spots are going fast for the summer.”

Grow is excited for the future of the business and its ninjas.

“Hearing the children squeal when they finish a lesson is so rewarding, “ said Grow. “Parents can know that their children are safe and learning at Code Ninjas. The kids have fun, and parents see results.”

Code Ninjas is located in Greenwood at 1259 N. State Road 135 Suite B, Greenwood by Perfect Ten Gymnastics and Cheer. For more information about Code Ninja classes, camps or events, visit codeninjas.com/Indianapolis or email Josh Grow at Joshua.Grow@codeninjas.com.

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