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Center Grove faculty to receive pay raise

Center Grove faculty to receive pay raise

Superintendent Richard Arkanoff shared that in the recent school board meeting, an average 8% pay increase for teachers and around 7% pay increase for other staff members. 

“As you may know, increasing the salaries of teachers was a big focus of the 2021 Legislative Session,” Arkanoff said. “We appreciate the work of our legislators, along with our Board, teachers’ union, and negotiations team to make this well-deserved increase happen.”

He shared in a statement made to parents, that in the past 19 months, the school leadership has been working to keep the best interest of their students and staff at the center of every decision they make. He also said they will continue to work with local and state officials to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are proud of the dedication and professionalism our faculty and staff put forth every day. We appreciate the continued partnership and patience from our parents and this incredible Center Grove community,” he said in closing.

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