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Car dealerships disinfect vehicles for Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department

Car dealerships disinfect vehicles for Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department

By Lindsay Doty

Hare Honda, Bill Estes Ford and Bill Estes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram teamed up this week to disinfect vehicles for the Hendrick’s County Sheriff’s Department for free.

Technicians armed with bacteria-blasting disinfectant visited the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office and jail in Danville on Tuesday and Wednesday where they sprayed the inside of 80 department vehicles, including squad cars, vans, SUVs, and, correctional transport vans.

“It was fantastic that they came out and took the time and money to do that for us,” said Hendricks County Sheriff Brett Clark. “Everything we do is pretty much in close quarters, including transporting inmates in jail vans. It gives peace of mind to us and the persons incarcerated here that we are doing everything we can to be safe.”

The dealership technicians used their BioPledge disinfectant to wipe out surface germs during the threat of COVID-19

Matt Thibideau sprays down Sheriff’s vehicles at the Hendricks County Jail to disinfect them so they are safe for anyone who would use them. Depending on how many people use the car, the spray will last for 30 days. (Photo by Eric Pritchett)

“It was our pleasure to provide this complimentary service to our first responders and those brave professionals who are on the frontlines during this pandemic,” said Marcus Schuh, general manager of Hare Honda in Avon, who was part of the group effort. “It was cool to see how much they appreciated this. They were very thankful.”

As of May 1, the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department and the jail have not had any positive COVID-19 cases, Clark said.

They continue to take every precaution. The deputies were thankful to get some extra help with fighting germs.

“Everyone is trying to do their best, and I think community partnerships like this are really important at this time,” said Clark.

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