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Brownsburg remembering 9/11 with a memorial dedication at Arbuckle Commons

By Lindsay Doty

The Brownsburg Fire Territory, along with town leaders, will hold a public dedication ceremony Wednesday, September 11for the new Brownsburg 9/11 Memorial that will have a permanent home at Arbuckle Commons.

May 13, 2019 Legion Riders escort beam to Arbuckle Commons (Photo by Faith Toole)

A 10-foot steel beam or “artifact” recovered from the World Trade Center will serve as the centerpiece for the permanent tribute. 

Firefighters with the Brownsburg Fire Territory picked it up from a hanger at JFK airport in April of 2010 where they saw other twisted metal and steel from that horrific day. It was a somber moment. For years, they’ve been tirelessly working to fundraise and find it a home. 

“It has been a long process and we want everybody to see it. To see this all come to fruition is pretty incredible,” said Brownsburg Fire Territory Public Information Officer Jim Miller, who helped spearhead the project. 

World Trade Center Beam

(photo courtesy Brownsburg Fire Territory)

The 1500-pound steel beam is positioned the same as it would have been in the World Trade Center and is pointing in the direction of New York. 

The permanent memorial will serve as a reminder in Brownsburg of the lives lost that day and the response of brave Americans. 

“We are distant from New York,  but for people who experienced the pain and the agony of that attack, we don’t forget. This was an attack on all Americans. There is some value from having something tangible to work through those memories. So, I hope it will help people do that in their own way. “

For Miller, the tragedy of 9/11 inspired the Army veteran to become a firefighter. 

“I just remember coming home to my wife that day and wanting to make a change,” recalls the former operations manager who felt the calling to public safety,” said Miller. 

Firefighters hope the memorial will provide a place for Brownsburg residents and visitors to reflect on the historical importance of September 11and Never Forget.

“This has been a long time coming with many trying to make it happen.  Their hard work is paying off with a permanent 9/11 Memorial in Brownsburg, ” said Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mike Arnould.

The memorial was funded entirely through charitable donations and fundraising. 

Brownsburg Fire Marshall Steve Jones and Deputy Fire Marshall Tony Smith have committed to stay with the memorial for the entire day, lest duty calls.

If you go:

What: Brownsburg 9/11 Memorial Unveiling and Dedication

When: 10 -11 a.m.

Where: Arbuckle Commons

7249 Arbuckle Commons  Brownsburg 

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