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(Bene)Fitness for everyone

(Bene)Fitness for everyone

By Todd Travis

The new year is a popular time to reassess goals and objectives. In the midst of the pandemic, the fitness scene changed and adapted to a shift in priorities and goals. In order to help start the year off right, we’ve compiled a list of local businesses that can help you reach for your aimed success. In this list you’ll find everything from more traditional gyms to the less conventional martial arts dojang. These dedicated owners promise fitness results as well as many other unexpected benefits.

These businesses have much more to offer than simply fitness. There are good causes to support, skills to learn and life-improving benefits to find along this journey. With the help of your local community, you can make 2022 a year to remember.

Boxing, Kickboxing, Self-Defense

30 Minute Hit

8810 Southeastern Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46239

(317) 759-7117

Women, welcome to 30 Minute Hit, Indiana’s only boxing, kickboxing and self-defense gym for ladies. If you’re looking for a unique, safe environment look no further. 30 Minute Hit is a 30-minute circuit workout focused on strength, not weight loss, body shaping or looking better. Owners Matt McDermitt and Tami Vance are adamant about acceptance and body positivity. During your circuit you’ll be getting stronger, learning skills and getting a full body cardio and core workout.

Catering exclusively to women allows for a unique environment including a tighter comradery between members and a comfort level that comes with the experience. One of the great aspects of the group of women is the mutual support they provide for each other, noted McDermitt. Women work to get stronger and push past mental barriers to reach new levels together. He added that they feel like they can really let go and have fun in this safe environment. McDermitt has a law enforcement background which has allowed him to give high-quality information to all members.

Ascent 121, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Board, works to help sex traffic victims recover from trauma. The organization is supported by both owners, along with women of 30 Minute Hit; it helps connect them with their goals and values, noted McDermitt.

Your first visit with 30 Minute Hit is free, guided by a personal trainer. You can join regardless of your fitness level, experience or body type. There is a kids’ area available during your workout. If interested in this unique experience, please call, visit the website or come in to schedule your first free session.



1052 Greenwood Springs Blvd. Suite C

Greenwood, IN 46143

(317) 300-9073

At Swornfit, trainers and coaches want to help you get out of your complacency rut and into an active lifestyle. If keeping up with your kids or getting up that flight of stairs is difficult Swornfit can help. Group classes are 60-minute workouts that combine a variety of movements that help increase strength and cardio for your daily routines. Personal trainers are also available to work individually to dial in on your exact needs and help to ensure you are doing work that is pain-free. Proper technique and instruction are essential to this goal.

Group classes consist of 12 people and a trainer that will help to get started on your new fitness journey. Swornfit takes a joint-by-joint approach to ensure safe and pain-free workouts. Your first day will begin with a goal assessment followed by a recommendation that might include one-on-one training, group training or a mix of both.

Coach Noreen Dine instructs a 1:1 ramp session for a group class with client David Kerr. (Submitted photos)

Noreen Dine, owner of Swornfit, helps people live their best life outside the walls of the gym. She participates in Type 1 Takedown which raises money to donate to Diabetes Will’s Way, a nonprofit that serves young people in the U.S. with type 1 diabetes.

First-time visitors will have a free coaching consult. Following the consult, you’ll get a personalized recommendation to a program fitting your needs. If you’re ready to get out of your complacency rut, reach out to Swornfit for the boost you’ve been looking for.



7045 Emblem Dr. Unit D

Indianapolis, IN 46237

(317) 883-1374

Got a busy schedule? No problem. At 9Round, you can jump into a 30-minute, full body workout at your own convenience, no appointment needed. Each workout is broken down into three-minute sets modified to your fitness level. Personal trainers will help instruct and push you for 30 minutes and send you back to your day with a boost of motivation. Your first visit will begin with an interview to review your goals and fitness level followed by a one-on-one workout to get a feel for the program. You may continue with another one-on-one session before joining the group.

9Round follows a three-prong approach that includes fitness, nutrition and accountability with phone calls and texts to provide motivational support, even if you miss a few workouts. Consistent goal reviews also help to recognize and celebrate progress made. 9Round’s owner, Craig Valier, added that the club’s meticulous attention to cleanliness ensures a safe environment for workouts.

Valier supports Indiana women in need by providing cancer support for them, including rides to and from medical appointments or other necessary transportation issues. He runs fundraisers for breast cancer support (Kick Events); all proceeds go directly to cancer survivors. He also hosts community nights for members to help build relationships.

Men and women at all fitness levels are welcome. The first interview and one-on-one session are free to first-time visitors. Call ahead or visit to schedule in advance or sign up online and enjoy a virtual workout. If you want a full body workout and accountability, check out 9Round today.

Martial Arts

Pilsung ATA Martial Arts

1729 US 31 South A

Greenwood, IN 46143

(317) 881-2762

Pilsung ATA Martial Arts in Greenwood offers dojang classes (similar to dojo) to improve physical fitness while teaching confidence and life skills. Classes are designed to burn fat, build lean muscle and tone your body, while learning about six values: communication, self-discipline, respect, belief, honor and self-esteem.

Master instructor Rose Myers was featured as our ICON of the Month in December. Rose, co-owner with husband, Brian, emphasized how important celebration and encouragement is to combat existing world negativity, including harassment prevention.

Rose Myers with 3rd Degree Black Belt and Level 1 instructor Trainee Richie Scott.

Community involvement is a priority in this dojang. To receive the rank of black belt you must first complete a community service project that speaks to your heart, which has resulted in countless stories of meaningful change right in the neighborhood, according to Rose. It serves well to the mantra they hold: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” One student even raised money to provide Kevlar safety vests for dogs at a local police department.

Martial art students range from as young as 3 years old to more seasoned students in their 70s and beyond. All physical fitness levels are welcome. If you’re ready to begin the martial arts journey, you can request free classes through their website (PilsungATA.com).

Strength Training

Victory Strength and Fitness

3115 Meridian Park Dr. Suite O

Greenwood, IN 46142

(317) 721-2821

Bruce Salazar, owner of Victory Strength and Fitness, believes in educating his clients: they won’t be thrown into a one-size-fits-all workout on their first day. First sessions begin with conversations about goals and habits followed by a quick movement screen allowing expert trainers to cater to specific needs and abilities. Once completed you will begin your training and education. Clients can expect to see results on day one, noted Bruce.

People come to VSF for various reasons, including weight loss solutions and building muscle. With high-level information, clients understand proper technique, allowing them to improve performance while safely completing the exercises. Each session involves tracking progress to note improvement.

Victory Strength and Fitness serves everyone from beginner to elite athletes.

Giving back is essential for Salazar and his team. VSF sponsors the North Grove Elementary fun run each year. They also participate in a fundraiser during the holidays called Check-In for Charity, a social marketing program that gives businesses more exposure while giving to local and national charities. A generous donor matches all contributions made to the fundraiser.

Victory Strength and Fitness works with beginners as well as elite athletes. Your first session is complimentary and includes an assessment. There is a mix of small group classes (maximum seven people) and private sessions. If you want a workout and an education, this is the spot for you.


Studio You Yoga

862 S. State Road 135 Suite I

Greenwood, IN 46143

(317) 882-8733

Studio You Yoga has a friendly environment for all. Owner Chia (pronounced Chy-ah) Bush and her staff welcome men and women of all shapes and sizes. Acceptance is part of the culture. The goal at Studio You Yoga is to help you feel better physically, spiritually and emotionally. Classes help to increase strength and flexibility while providing other benefits, including feeling calmer and even sleeping better after a few classes.

Bush began yoga after feeling the stresses of life. She said she was so happy with benefits received that she began training as a teacher to help others as well. Originally from Taiwan, she got her teaching certification in the U.S. and eventually became a manager at Studio You. She had no plans of becoming an owner until that opportunity presented itself four years ago. She said she is proud to help as many people as she can to improve their health through her work.

Studio You also supports other local businesses by hosting an open house at their studio. This is a chance for business owners to come alongside each other and help one another through collaboration. They also donate to local charities though certain classes twice a year.

Women and men of all ages are welcome. Kids’ classes are available as well. No previous experience is required. First-time customers can sign up and get 21 days of unlimited classes for only $30. Call, visit the website or walk in to receive this offer. If you’re ready to get fit and de-stress, this might be the right fit for you!

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