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Beech Grove hosts First Friday event

Beech Grove hosts First Friday event

By Nancy Price

On the first Friday of each month, local artists often display their work at businesses scattered throughout Fountain Square, Garfield Park and downtown Indianapolis. Guests at these events browse, and sometimes purchase, artwork while sipping wine and munching on appetizers.

Beech Grove artists are hosting a free First Friday event at D’s Taps and Beech Banking Brewing Company, both located on Main Street, on Friday, March 1, from 5:30-10 p.m.

“I have been wanting an event like First Friday in Beech Grove for quite some time,” said Claire Dillehay, one of the artists hosting the event.

Claire Dillehay’s artwork will be shown this Friday on Main Street in Beech Grove. (Submitted photos)

Artist Sam Posthumus had been thinking the same thing. He created a post on social media a few months ago stating that he would like to bring First Friday to Beech Grove.

“I saw Sam’s post and immediately posted back, ‘yes, let’s do this! Let’s make this happen,’” Dillehay recalled. “It would be a great opportunity to not only support local Beech Grove businesses but to showcase the art of talented Beech Grove artists.”

Posthumus, a resident of Beech Grove for the past five years, said, “I am just excited to further the art community here in Beech Grove and also add a new avenue of traffic to Main Street.”

Cheerie Joy, a well-established artist in the community, will also be displaying her work at the event. She works at D’s Taps, one of the participating host sites.

The phonograph painting was created
by Sam Posthunus, one of the artists displaying
his work at First Friday.

“D’s Taps and Beech Bank were the first businesses we (the artists) we asked because we know the owners very well,” Dillehay said. “The owners of D’s Taps have expressed that they would like to host future events and perhaps even extend the event beyond art and include music, food or other cultural interests.

“I would very much like to continue events like First Friday. We already have a lot of support and interest and I can see this continuing and becoming the first step to bringing more art and culture within the Beech Grove community.”

For more information about this Friday’s event, go to soarts.org/?page_id=138.

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