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Bargersville celebrates groundbreaking of Kephart Park

Bargersville celebrates groundbreaking of Kephart Park

By Nicole Davis

Kephart Park is one step closer to reality after the town of Bargersville celebrated its groundbreaking late June.

The 19-acre park will add significantly to the quality of life within the town, said Carissa Comstock, the town’s community development coordinator. The park will include splash pads, a playground, eight pickleball courts, two shelter houses with grills, three shade canopies, restrooms, drinking fountains, a recreational area and will be the first Bargersville park with access to WiFi. The project will cost approximately $3.5 million. It is located between the Saddle Club housing addition and the Morning Side housing addition on State Road 144.

A sketch of Kephart Park’s 19-acres will include 8 pickleball courts, a playground, splash pad, connection to the town’s trails and more. (Submitted photos)

“We have a few parks in town that are your standard park,” Comstock said. “This park will be next level, with the splash pad, pickleball courts. It was something we really felt we need to add to our community. It’s going to pull people in. It will raise the quality of life. I think it’s going to give our residents a better opportunity to get out in nature with their children.”

From left, Ruth Ann Moore, town council board member; Dustin Doyle, town council board member; Andrew Greenwood, town council president; Susie Qualls, town council vice president; and Julie Young, town manager.

The process to add a new park began years ago, when the town council purchased the land for a park, but it sat empty since 2015. When COVID-19 pandemic began, Comstock said it highlighted the need for another park, to give residents more opportunities for things to do within the town.

A concept design of Kephart Park’s playground, expected to be complete by May 2023.

The town has worked with CrossRoad Engineers and Shrewsberry and Associates LLC to finalize the plans, which is scaled down from its initial conception in order to hasten the construction and save money.

The park is expected to be completed in May of 2023 and will connect the town’s trail system.

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