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Back to School 2020

Back to School 2020

Compiled by Nancy Price

Johnson County public schools plan to start classes as originally scheduled for the 2020-21 school year. Under guidance from the Johnson County Health Department and the state, each district within the county will have its own specific plan. Guiding principles include limiting school building visitors, in addition to implementing the following safety measures: strongly encouraging students and staff to wear masks, with masks required in some setting; providing frequent opportunities for handwashing and/or hand sanitation; and requiring students and staff to be fever free (and fever-reducing medication free) for 72 hours prior to returning school. Center Grove, Greenwood Christian Academy, Greenwood Community and Roncalli schools may have additional specific measures included. Please read letters in this section from the schools’ superintendents or principals for more information.

Center Grove Community School Corporation

On behalf of the Center Grove Board of School Trustees, administration, faculty and support staff, we would like to welcome everyone back to school on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020! This year’s first day of school is one we have been eagerly anticipating. We have certainly missed our students and colleagues during the extended closure and summer months. Our administrators and staff, along with our teachers’ association, have been working diligently on our plan to return to school. Our top priority remains the safety of our students and staff. We are implementing safety measures as recommended, along with a thorough three-step cleaning process in all school buildings. We have worked to make as few changes as possible to our school day and school calendar to provide our families with stability, while developing precautions and protocols to protect their health. Our Teaching & Learning team has worked with our principals and teachers to develop extensive plans to help students who may need additional support to start the school year. They have also created a virtual learning model for families who choose that option over traditional learning during this time. Much more information is available on our district website at centergrove.k12.in.us/Return2020. We appreciate the extraordinary partnership we share with our parents and residents of our community as we work to provide exceptional educational experiences for our students. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for the 2020-21 school year!


Richard A. Arkanoff, Ed.D.

Center Grove Community School Corporation


Greenwood Christian Academy

Greenwood Christian Academy (GCA) is an interdenominational Christian school with a student body of more than 500 in Grades pre-K through 12 representing more than 80 local churches. There are many reasons to consider Greenwood Christian Academy including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. A safe, fun and Christ-focused learning environment
  2. 21st-century preparedness
  3. Core Values: Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence
  4. Re-Entry, Back to School In-Person Plan for the 2020-21 school year approved by the Johnson County Health Department
  5. A comprehensive education, focusing on the whole child
  6. Technology integration in the classrooms
  7. Dual credit college courses
  8. Special Needs Department
  9. Fine Arts Department (drama, choral, band, art)
  10. Athletic members of the IHSAA (many sports options for both girls and boys)
  11. Graduates accepted and attend the best colleges/universities around the country
  12. Affordable tuition with many vouchers and financial aid options
  13. Accredited by the State of Indiana
  14. Bus route options
  15. A highly qualified, certified and experienced faculty and staff

It is true that parents have only one chance to raise their children. In an ever-changing and challenging society, it is imperative that parents place their children in a safe, caring environment that reinforces and teaches the belief systems and values taught at home. Greenwood Christian Academy seeks to be an extension of the home, partnering with parents to help raise their children. For more information about all that GCA offers, please visit our website at gcak12.org or call (317) 215-5300. Our first day for students is Aug. 6.

Mr. Michael C. Chitty

Superintendent of Schools


Greenwood Community School Corporation

On behalf of the Greenwood Community School Corporation Board of Education, I would like to welcome students, parents, staff and community stakeholders back for the 2020-21 school year.  We always are so excited to see our students. However, I believe this year that excitement is at a whole new level! I want to first mention the members of our board of education. Our success as a school district starts with this governing body. Members of our board of education are Steve Moan, president; Jack Napier, vice president; Mike Metzger, secretary; LaDawn Weston, member; and Brian Ford, member. I begin my eighth and final year as the superintendent here in Greenwood. I have been honored to serve the Greenwood Community School Corporation and the community of Greenwood. The key word in the Greenwood Community School Corporation is “community.” It takes a community to help educate students. Everyone – whether you are a parent, staff member, business leader or a resident with no children in our school system – has a responsibility to our young people. Our school district enrollment is expected to remain at 4,000 students this year.  We always appreciate the feedback we get from parents new to our district regarding the positive culture and climate that exist for our students. Thank you for being a part of the Greenwood Community School Corporation. Please know that we don’t take you for granted. We are a service organization, and we take our service responsibility to our students, parents and community seriously. Please help us to carry out this mission by volunteering your time and talents to better serve our students. Here’s to a great 2020-21 school year!


Kent DeKoninck, Ph.D.


Roncalli High School Principal Chuck Weisenbach discusses plans for reopening. (Submitted photo)

Roncalli High School

While all schools have a mission to form young people academically, and some strive to go beyond that by also attempting to form citizenship, Roncalli’s mission for over 50 years has been to form the whole person: body, mind and spirit! This can best be explained by our graduate profile, which we use as a compass to direct all of the work done with our young people. The profile sets a very high standard for our graduates. Roncalli is passionately committed to partnering with our parents, parishes and community in making this profile a reality for all of our students!  We share our graduate profile with you in this article as it gives clear direction as to what we hope to accomplish during this 2020-21 school year at Roncalli High School.

Roncalli Graduate Profile

As Christ has called upon each of us to “go make disciples of all nations'” and to the extent that our namesake, St. John XXIII (Angelo Cardinal Roncalli) was committed to that task, it is Roncalli High School’s intention to create disciples of Jesus Christ in the image of St. John. It is to this purpose that we aspire for all of our graduates to honor and glorify God by:


Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and evangelizing the message of the Gospel through their actions.


Reaching their fullest potential through a commitment to lifelong learning.


Serving the needs of others with loving and compassionate hearts.


 Being devout members of the Church, cultivators of the Roncalli spirit and responsible citizens.


Recognizing that every person is created in the image and likeness of God, having the utmost respect for life and embracing a diverse world.

All of us at Roncalli High School are very excited to welcome students, teachers, staff and families back to campus and back to school! We have been working diligently since March to ensure the safety of all in our school community as we return to in-person instruction!

We learned a great deal about what works well and what does not work well with e-learning from the nine weeks of e-learning that concluded the 2019-20 school year. With great leadership from our IT department and great cooperation and dedication from our faculty and administration, we are very excited to unveil the synchronous learning model that will allow for excellence in education to go uninterrupted for our students who are not able to be in school on a daily basis.

In these challenging and uncertain times, please join all of us at Roncalli in praying for a safe, successful school year for all schools!

Chuck Weisenbach



Three money skills that every student should know

By Financial Center First Credit Union

As you think about your teen heading off into the real world, you may have a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings. On one hand, you are excited to see the person that your child will grow up to be, but on the other hand, you may be nervous about the future decisions they will make.

When it comes to money management, having foundational knowledge and dedication is important in making financial decisions that affect their entire lives.

A poll conducted by Everfi shows that only 47 percent of high school students felt prepared to manage their finances on their own, and the average student can only answer two of six basic financial questions correctly.

If these stats make you think about how your child manages money- here are three tips to give your teen a head start on money management:

Establish an Early Habit of Paying Yourself First

The thought of setting money aside instead of spending it on things your child wants isn’t glamorous, but it can be fun. Instead of thinking about placing money into a savings account as “saving,” teach them to think of it as paying themselves first. As soon as they get their first paycheck, let them pay themselves and put a good portion aside for a future want or need.

Create a Budget Together

A first paycheck is going to be more money than your child may have ever had – which is why he/she should understand the cost of necessities. Create a budget sheet together with detailing expenses, saving and spending money to use as they see fit.

Learn that Paying Bills on Time Is Essential

Students may or may not have bills in high school, but the discipline of paying bills before all other expenses is essential to developing good money management habits. You can create practice bills as a way for children to learn to manage money. If you ask them to pay their phone bill, ask for funds on a certain day of the month, and ensure that they follow a schedule to meet payments on time.

As a final note, remember that failure is ok – in fact, it’s a key component to learning. No one starts out perfect, and with helpful guidance along the way, your student can be in a great place with their finances and on the track to long-term success.

Find more helpful tips on budgeting and money management at fcfcu.com/financial-education.

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