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Avon’s Hataway creates account to support Eagle Scout project

Staff report

Nolan Hataway, a Boy Scout from Avon is turning to GoFundMe to improve his community and earn his rank as an Eagle Scout.

“I will be constructing a gaga ball pit for River Birch Elementary,” the member of BSA Troop 392 said on the project fundraising page. “I went to River Birch as a kid, and recess was always my favorite part of the day. So, when I was thinking of ideas for my project, I thought about what I would like to play with if I was an elementary school kid, and I settled on a gaga ball pit.

“Gaga ball was a game I had first played during summer camp at the YMCA. Gaga ball gets its name from the Israeli word for hit — ga — and originated in Israel. Therefore, gaga ball means ‘Hit, Hit Ball.’”

“The object of the game is for players to use their hands to hit the other players with the ball below the knees while avoiding being hit themselves. Players are eliminated if they are hit by the ball. The last one standing wins.”

For more information, visit gofundme.com/f/nolan-hataways-eagle-scout-project.


Nolan Hataway’s Eagle Scout Project is to build a gaga ball pit at his former elementary school, River Birch. (Photo provided by Hataway)

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