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Avon’s disc golf course downsized due to forest problems


Starting Jan. 1, the Avon Town Hall Park Disc Golf Course will be reduced to a 9-hole course instead of 18. (Photo provided by Avon Parks and Recreation)


By Lindsay Doty

The disc golf course located at Avon Town Hall Park will be downsized to a 9-hole course starting this month. The changes come after two studies showed that the popularity of the course took a toll on the surrounding wooded area.

“Impacts have severely limited the remaining trees from water, and the runoff prevents nutrients to seep in. As a result, trees start dying and become susceptible to disease and pests,” said Gary Gamble, Avon Parks and Recreation director.

He says runoff has also caused major flooding on nearby Sycamore Trail.

“I have come to the conclusion that disc golf is a fantastic sport, but very hard to manage in a multi-use park,” Gamble said.

Disc golf (sometimes called “folf”) is a flying disc sport where players throw a disc or Frisbee at a target using rules similar to golf.

Some park users who enjoy the nearby course were bummed about the decision but understand. 

“All for anything needed to preserve the woods. That being said, this course was the best in a pretty large radius and will be sorely missed,” said Dana Granholm, who lives near the park and has played over 100 rounds this year with her family. 

The course isn’t closing completely. Baskets 8 through 15 will be eliminated. The remaining baskets will be re-numbered to be a 9-hole course that can be played like an 18-hole course for now. The Avon Town Hall Park Disc Golf Course was created in 2006. Park leaders hope to expand to bring it back in the future. 

“We have purchased additional land for expanding our recreational opportunities, including the disc course,” said Gamble. 

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