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Avon superintendent announces retirement 

By Lindsay Doty

Avon Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Margaret Hoernemann plans to retire at the end of the current school year. The longtime educator made the announcement in a letter sent home to ACSC families last week. Hoernemann has served as superintendent since 2012 and has been with the district for nearly two decades.

“What a bittersweet moment this is for me! There are so many people to thank. First of all, thank you for putting your precious children in our hands for a safe and fruitful educational journey. I am grateful for current and past School Boards, amazing mentors, a dedicated administrative team and all of the ACSC employees,” she wrote in the letter. “They are all hard working, student focused, and committed to the well-being of our kids. It has been my good fortune to serve in a community that values education and supports our school system. The future is bright. Our district is in phenomenal shape (including the 2020 budget which reduces our referendum tax rate by five cents)! I am confident that we are on the brink of major breakthroughs in achievement.”

During her time as superintendent, voters approved a 2018 school referendum that helped reduce class sizes, increased teacher pay and provided more student support. The district is also currently working on adding a school police department to improve safety and mental health.

No word on a replacement. Hoernemann recently notified the school board of trustees about her decision.

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