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Aspire launches life sciences campaign

Aspire launches life sciences campaign

By Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance

Aspire is launching a marketing campaign this month to introduce Johnson County to companies across the U.S. in the life sciences industry. The campaign aims to attract businesses that are poised for growth into other markets, may need a Midwest location or have growth potential in Indiana.

Aspire has collaborated with regional economic development partners at the Indy Partnership, to curate a list of life sciences companies that fit well within the community and bring high-skill, well-paying jobs to the local economy.

“The companies we’re reaching out to are currently outside the Indiana market, so our attraction efforts are targeting net new jobs and investment within Indiana and Johnson County,” said Amanda Rubadue, vice president of Economic Development at Aspire.

Aspire’s Economic Development Strategic Plan includes purposeful attraction efforts within the advanced industries, and Johnson County’s location, proximity to a talented workforce, and business-friendly environment make it an ideal location for growth in many different industries.

Aspire’s campaign efforts are targeting new jobs and investment within Indiana and Johnson County. (Image courtesy of Aspire)

“We’re focused on life sciences with this campaign, so we will highlight our location in relation to other life science assets in our region and our workforce assets in the county that would be attractive to these companies,” said Rubadue.

Aspire receives leads from state and regional economic development partners, as well as direct leads from brokers and companies reaching out to them. With this marketing campaign, Aspire will be focusing on outbound marketing to companies that fit well within the community, and will be sending postcards and emails that showcase Johnson County’s assets and available sites to these life science companies.

Aspire is positioning Johnson County as an ideal location for companies in the life sciences industry. The focus on high-skill, well-paying jobs will boost the local economy. The life science-focused marketing campaign is a step toward fulfilling Aspire’s Strategic Plan and it is an excellent opportunity for Johnson County to attract the organic growth of a diverse array of industries.

This activity is made possible because of our Economic Development Advisory Council members’ investment. For more information on how you can get involved, check out our Velocity campaign.

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