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Area services can help you weather the heat and make your home beautiful

Area services can help you weather the heat and make your home beautiful

By Brian Ruckle

Last Saturday, Southside residents could officially say good riddance to spring and welcome the summer. As life begins to return to a new normal, Southside service professionals and retail businesses are on standby to help keep your home cool, your lawn green, your garden bountiful and your interiors comfortable and attractive.

With hot temperatures returning, homeowners should ensure their heating and cooling system is working well; schedule a service call and don’t forget to change out filters every three months. Chris Huser of Lamping/Huser Heating and Cooling stressed the importance of keeping a consistent temperature in your home or office.

“Don’t fluctuate your thermostat up and down. It is hard on the unit and it is harder to maintain a constant temperature. I recommend keeping it at 72 or 74 or whatever you are comfortable,” Huser said.

It is not too late to plant and Heidenreich Greenhouse now has a buy one get one free. Go see Bill and Sherry Heidenreich north of 465 at 502 E National Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227. They are open this season until July 3. (Photo by Brian Ruckle)

Bill Heidenreich of Heidenreich Greenhouses and Garden Center said there is still plenty of time to plant for this season. With concerns raised this year about the food supply, it might be a good time to invest and plant in fall vegetables this year including lettuces, cabbages, kale, broccoli and even a second batch of green beans.

“It isn’t too late to plant. You will want to make sure you keep everything watered up and fertilized. If things get big and leggy on you, you can cut them back and that will help them look fuller. In two weeks they will look like you bought them in May,” said Heidenreich.

Heidenreich said Heidenreich Greenhouses will be open until the day before the Fourth of July, Friday, July 3. They will reopen in August. Watch their Facebook page and The Southside Times.

Indy Rental & Sales, Inc. has equipment for working on your own landscaping and other home tasks. They have pressure washers and a variety of lawn and garden equipment including post-hole augers and dirt-moving equipment. Kelly Bowling of Indy Rental & Sales said that concrete and brick paver patios are very popular now. Equipment you can rent to make your dream patio includes a walk behind skid steer, a compactor with a Viton® pad and a sod cutter.


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