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Covering ground: Tri-West softball player hopes to leave lasting positive impact

Tri-West softball senior April Sellers leads her team on and off the field and plans to continue swinging on the diamond at Trine University. (Photo by Dave Gansert)

By Mike Beas

Standing 5-foot, 9-inches, April Sellers possesses the kind of stride that has proven beneficial both as a hitter and fielder for the Tri-West softball program.

Sellers, a senior center fielder and a starter since the 2018 season, has helped lead the current Bruins squad to an 8-2 start and No. 9 ranking in Class 3A entering last weekend’s home-and-home series against Indianapolis Ritter.

But as much as Tri-West coach Mike Miller values Seller’s bat and glove work, there are intangibles she possesses that don’t show up in boxscores. Different kinds of strides, if you will; ones that will continue to benefit a program responsible for nine sectional titles and a state championship in 2013 long after she graduates.

“April does a great job of taking underclassmen and making them feel welcome in the program,” said Miller. “She’s the one everybody likes. I call it being a great mentor, but April has always been a leader. Everyone knows April is going to give it her all. To win her over, they have to give their all, and she’ll help them get there.”

Sellers, who bats second in the Bruins lineup, is outstanding in the classroom. Her 3.96 grade point average ranks her 23rd academically of 113 students in Tri-West’s senior class.

Sellers did a Q&A with ICON:

Q: How old were you when you started playing softball, and what is it that kept you playing?

A: I’ve played since I was little. I did soccer and basketball, too, but with softball I had the most fun. I feel relaxed every time I play. When I was younger, that’s what I put most of my interest in and became comfortable with everything I was doing.

Q: After not getting a softball season in 2020 because of the pandemic, how much fun are you having this season?

A: I would say we’re having a lot of fun. As a team, I feel we’ve been super close and we all get along so well. You don’t always get that. Last year made me realize just how important softball is because, all of a sudden, it’s not there.

Q: As a senior and starter since your freshman season, why is it important to be a good leader?

A: It sets an example for everyone that’s watching. I want to leave Tri-West softball knowing there’s going to be girls who are going to step up and become great leaders for others. There are so many young girls looking up to not only me, but everyone else on our team, so it’s important we set a good example for them.

Q: What are your plans after graduating from Tri-West?

A: I’m going to Trine University to play softball and major in chemical engineering. After four years of that, I would like to go into pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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