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An option: LouVino

An option: LouVino

It was a beautiful Spring-like evening at the end of our Winter for a stroll along Mass Ave. We stopped at LouVino for dinner. LouVino offers Southern inspired, chef driven shareable plates and the most robust wine list by the glass in Indy, with 50 wines.

With Chef Elliot Checinski’s recommendations we ordered Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco sauce, Halloumi cheese, pine nuts, fried basil and red beet Gnocchi with goat cheese, pistachio, herb oil, fried sage. The shareable plates were  individually prepared, with beautiful presentation and flavor. I truly enjoyed the crush and taste of the fried basil and sage. We finished our meal with the Banana pudding; nilla wafers, shaved white chocolate. The banana pudding came with two spoons but only one was used!

LouVino has five location with two in Indiana, two in Kentucky and one in Ohio. Chad Colter, owner said his wife has encouraged him to keep his pharmacist CEU’s current, just in case. With our pleasant experience, I personally do not foresee Chad needing to have to use the fallback plan!

530 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN


Lisa Dulcich-Suyeyasu, Avon

Where do you like to dine?
‪”Los Rancheros”

‪What do you like there?
“Tacos de Carne Asada, Shrimp Cocktail, Tostadas Ceviche and of course, a Sangria Margarita”

What do you like about this place?
“I like the atmosphere, the staff is friendly and it’s a great place to enjoy time with friends!”

Los Rancheros
1094 N Avon Avenue
Avon, IN


Toki Manhattan

• Toki Sumtory whiskey
• Carpano Bianco
• Lemon bitters

4907 N College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN



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