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A leader by all accounts

A leader by all accounts

Carrie Hanni has a hectic life as Partner in charge of Kemper CPA Group’s Avon office, but she takes time to mentor and help others.

“I think it’s everyone’s obligation to give back,” Hanni said. “Don’t sit around complaining, do something about it… I had a lot of people nudge me and mentor me along the way. I want to make this place (Hendricks County) a better place so our kids stay here.”

Hanni, who has more than 20 years’ experience in accounting firms, joined Kemper CPA Group as a Partner in Charge in January 2015. Kemper acquired Larry E. Nunn & Associates three offices in September 2014.

“They brought me on to bring Kemper into Hendricks County,” said Hanni, a long-time Brownsburg resident. “I’m really committed to growing into Hendricks County. It’s a great firm. They really let you take your vision within the mission of the firm. We’ve got a great group here. It’s been a really good move for me.”

The office moved from Plainfield to 625 S. Dan Jones Rd. in Avon in June 2016.

“I thought we had to be more centrally located,” she said. “It was a little difficult because there is not much space in Avon. This is 4,000 square feet.”

Hanni said the building was built for Kemper. “It’s modern and we stayed within our budget, of course,” Hanni said. “The reception has been fabulous. The new clients are coming in like crazy. The visibility has been good because 267 has been shut down.”

Hanni said of the 27 Kemper offices, six are run by women. “That’s not the norm for public accounting,” she said.

Hanni is a member of the Hendricks County Community Foundation Board and previously served as treasurer. Hanni has two funds there. One is in memory of her late husband. “It was a scholarship fund,” Hanni said. “Now we just funnel it to go to Brownsburg Little League. It’s called the Gary King Excellence in Leadership and Character. Jeff (Hanni) and I have started an unrestricted family fund there. It’s an endowment fund.”

In addition, Hanni joined a group called Pass the Torch for executive women.

“We do networking among ourselves but we also mentor young women,” Hanni said.

Hanni is a board member of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurial Services program and Business Ownership Initiative. “It’s a dynamic board, that does micro-lending and business coaching,” she said. “Last year they just started doing it outside of Marion County.”

Hanni and Kemper senior tax manager Lesley Rhoden help the Hendricks County Business Leaders’ Women’s luncheons. “We’ve really pulled our resources to get speakers people want to hear,” Hanni said. “The turnouts have been great and feedback has been great.”

Kemper does a lot of audits for nonprofits. Jeff Hanni said his wife has introduced him to philanthropic world.

“That was something that was never in my vocabulary before,” Jeff said. “I think I’ve probably made her a better person and I know she has made me a better person. She’s probably has made me a better coach because I look at things a little differently now than I did prior to her. You learn as you go. It took me a long time to realize kids don’t make mistakes on purpose.”

How Carrie did it:
What’s the best advice you ever received?
Have the courage to follow your heart
and intuition.
Best business decision you ever made?
Most definitely to join this Kemper team and be a part of a large group of likeminded partners deeply committed tothe mission of the organization.
Worst advice you ever received?
Don’t rock the boat. Keep your head down, work hard and success will come.
In five years, I want…
To have strategically tripled the size of this office in volume and with staff that is committed to this firm and our
community. That is our five-year plan.
My secret to success is…
Be genuine — always. Be a leader not a boss. Lead by example and empower your team for success. Be a good leader that strives to make good leaders.

Carrie’s list…
Five books that had an impact on Carrie Hanni:
“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed
“The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley”
“Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis
“The Firm” by John Grisham
“When I Say No, I Feel Guilty” by Manuel J. Smith

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