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Town of Brownsburg updates policies and procedures for best practice

By Melissa Gibson

The Brownsburg Town Council met June 8 for a regular meeting at the Brownsburg Town Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. June 22 at 61 N. Green St., Brownsburg. 

What happened: During the Citizens Comment portion of the meeting, a Brownsburg resident requested a second look at the site under development at Ronald Regan and County Road 400. 

What this Means: Referencing the Advisory Plan Commission (APC) meeting for the project, the resident asked about the functionality and safety of the current plan. Concerns about increased traffic in the area, a new school building site and discouraging drivers making a right-hand turn on County Road 400 were noted. 

What happened: Jodi Dickey, Director of Development Services, shared the APC report and Board of Zoning Appeals report. 

What this Means: In addition to the reports, the council discussed the development with Dickey and requested additional means to discourage right hand turns at County Road 400. Part of the development is under the Town’s control and Sean Pabst, Director of Capital Projects and Field Operations said a berm was scheduled for the site and signs will be posted to discourage right hand turns. 

What happened: Town Manager Deb Cook presented a resolution regarding employee purchases. 

What this Means: A resolution was passed amending the acquisition and use of credit cards by town employees. Cook said the resolution needed updated to include new staff. Purchases are closely monitored and approved. 

What happened: Aaron Kaytar, Capital Projects and Procurement Manager brought additional resolutions to the council regarding updating procedures. 

What this Means: Another resolution was passed regarding the procedures to the public bidding process for public construction and purchases made by the Council. The update includes a streamlined process for anyone who wants to bid for a particular project. Kaytar has also updated purchasing policies; adding a standardized purchasing form and additional rules for large purchases. 

What happened: Dickey presented an introductory discussion regarding the rezone of Country Road 625. 

What this Means: The property at 6310 N. County Road 635 E, south of Northfield Dr. is currently zoned as C2 (high intensity general commercial). The applicant is requesting a rezone to I2 (high intensity industrial) with the intent to construct a new trucking business with verhicle repair and outdoor storage. 

Members of the Council called the project a “serious concern” with regards to semi traffic, the overall growth of the area and retail commercial sites. They didn’t feel a trucking business would be best suited in the area. The request will go through the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) before making its way back to the Council for final approval.  

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