By Torry Stiles

10. You can’t expect folks to concentrate on the Democrats after Mahomes ripped up the 49ers.

9. They had a great new app for voting by phone, but a lot of folks had forgotten to buy more minutes.

8. Confusion over folks who thought they were voting for The Masked Singer.

7.  Every time they took a count “None of the Above” kept coming out on top.

6. They had the app to vote but nobody bought the premium package and they wasted a lot of time with folks clicking on ads for Hulu, Wish and the newest Candy Crush game.

5. Still a lot of folks agonizing over how to spell Buttigieg and Klobuchar.

4. The voting app was working OK, but a lot of folks kept clicking back to

3. The caucus was going great until a fight broke out in back over the whole “mustard in potato salad” thing.

2. Pretty sure it was Russians or the Chinese. … or maybe North Dakota. They’ve launched a congressional investigation.

1. Just had a few loose ends. There were a bunch of papers that Nancy Pelosi was going to check on Tuesday.

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