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In the previous articles, I revealed and explored a new paradigm of leadership that I’ve referred to as, “conscious leadership.” The formula for this new paradigm of leadership is represented by the acronym RULE®, which stands for Respect, Understand, Love, and Enjoy. In the last article, I explained the fourth element of the formula, Enjoy. Now it is time to begin putting it all together.

RULE® is the foundation for this new paradigm of leadership, and by practicing all the elements of the formula, the result is greater than the sum of the parts. In other words, as good as each element might be by itself, the result is far greater when they are practiced together, as a whole. It would be like the difference between a mathematical representation of 1+2+3+4=10 in relation to 1x2x3x4=24. Put an even more dramatic way, let’s say that each element has a value of 10, then we would see the representation as 10+10+10+10=40 versus 10x10x10x10=10,000.

The above may seem like a rather silly way of illustrating the point, but it still illustrates the point, that when you use the elements of RULE® as intended and designed, the result is dramatic. The result is leadership that compels others to follow, not because they have to, not because their titles or the organizational hierarchy dictates it, but because they want to be their best and to give their best to those leaders who practice conscious leadership, demonstrated by RULE®.

In the beginning of this series, I wrote that a true, conscious leader is one who is not only able to get those who follow to join in the leader’s vision, but to do so willingly and enthusiastically, creatively, unselfishly, collegially, timely, and continually, all for a greater good. Does that now make more sense, based on what you’ve learned about RULE®? When a leader shows Respect for all throughout the organization, strives to Understand the desires and needs and goals of all, treats all others with Love as if part of their own family, and creates an environment within which everyone can Enjoy their work, the result is an amazing place to work, an organization that thrives, that contributes to the greater good, and an organization that is made up of a group of people who just might love coming to work on a Monday morning.

In the articles to follow, we will further explore how all elements of RULE® inspire and motivate the highest performance and satisfaction at work. This column is dedicated to sharing experiences, research, and ideas about great leaders. Practicing the formula represented by RULE® can propel you to living a more joyful life as well as leading your organization to greater success.

About: Karl is a father, speaker, author, and successful CEO. We encourage questions & comments. Karl can be reached via Zimmer Success Group in Plainfield (http://Z-Success.com). RULE® is a Registered Mark of Karl R. Zimmer III

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