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Children’s Ballet growing by leaps and bounds


The Children’s Ballet growing by leaps and bounds

 By Peg McRoy Glover

The Children’s Ballet is in the final stages of expanding its studio, adding more classes and hiring three new teachers. The growth is in response to a rapidly increasing interest in classical ballet among many young dancers in Hendricks County.

The Children’s Ballet, located in Danville, is one of the few classically and performance focused ballet schools in central Indiana.

The school houses the original studio that Denise Jacks opened in 1987. Miss Deni, as she was known to her students, is a former professional ballerina, instructor and choreographer. Jacks retired in 2015 and handed the reigns of the thriving school over to two of her former students: Anne Johansson, executive director, and Emily Miser, artistic director.

Since 2015, enrollment at the school has increased 25 percent.

The excitement over growing attendance was hampered a bit by the limited studio and rehearsal space. Johansson and the school’s board of directors considered adding another studio at a different location.

Just as the board was considering options for another location, timing came into play. Another organization had occupied adjacent office space for many years under the same roof. When it became vacant the answer to the much-needed ballet space became clear.

Shoulder to shoulder, and with a great deal of help from their families, Johansson and Miser got to work. A wall was knocked down, the studio expanded and a sprung dance floor covered with dance vinyl was installed.

The key elements that protect a dancer from injury are the sprung sub floor suspension system and the dance floor surface. The sprung sub floor installed at The Children’s Baller provides a 70% shock absorption rate. The vinyl dance surface that covers the suspension flooring provides just enough traction for a dancer to perform without fear of slipping.

The new instructors are:

Hadassah Burk is a professional who danced and taught in Chicago prior to moving to Coatesville. She is teaching the early learner classes for students who are three to six-years-old on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Haley Cipot is a professional ballerina with the Ballet Theatre of Indiana. She is teaching advanced ballet and modern dance.

Sarah Weddle is a recent graduate of Danville High School, former student at The Children’s Ballet and certified to teach dance through the National Dance Educator’s Association. She will instruct three to five-year-old students on Friday mornings.

The additional studio space, a state-of-the art dance floor, additional classes and the hiring of three instructors is an outstanding way for The Children’s Ballet to begin its 30th season.

For more information visit thechildrensballet.com or call (317) 316-7373.



Photo Caption: Anne Johansson, executive director (right), and Emily Miser, artistic director (left), are ready to open The Children’s Ballet’s 30th Season with a new studio, classes and staff.

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