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Avon graduate debuts first film

Avon graduate debuts first movie

By Lindsay Doty

A lot of people say they’re going to make a movie but only so many ever do. Dustin Kay is one of them.

The longtime Avon resident (and 1995 Avon high school graduate) recently debuted his film Belly Timber at the historic Royal Theatre in Danville.

The project has been four years in the making and is now finding its way through the indie film circuit in California.

“I’m still kind of on cloud nine,” says Kay, who wrote and produced the movie that mixes some Indiana history with horror.

The film is set in the 1820s and follows early Indianapolis settler John McCormick and his family as they set up life along the White River. But the plot takes a dark turn when a cannibal tribe hunts them down.

Kay says the Indiana history is something he wanted to incorporate because it’s actually part of his history.

“My great-great uncle is John McCormick so I wanted to honor that,” he explains.

He chose the evil undertones after being dazzled at a horror movie convention several years ago called Day of The Dead. The creative hot bed struck a chord with the writer who found early inspiration in films like Friday the 13th.

“I’ve always been into horror and tricking people and being able to make something look real that’s not those things.”

Belly Timber recently premiered at the Royal Theatre, a spot Kay remembers visiting as a teenager for cheap movies.

Now he’s proud to be on the other side of the screen.

The movie was filmed across Indiana on a low budget and took many donations and volunteers.

“We needed country cabins, we got horses, we got muskets from the National Rifle Association,” said Kay.

“My mom sewed a lot of the dresses so that was pretty cool.”

He says Director Bobby Easley helped bring out the best in an inexperienced cast.

“They’re rookies but they’re eager to work and with the right coaching you get the acting out of them.”

Kay, who builds furniture says his goal is to one day have filmmaking be the steady paycheck.

He just finished making his second movie and has plans to debut it at the old theatre as well.

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